Tokenization on Bitcoin (BCH) – A Wormhole Conspiracy?

Like Bitcoin (BCH), we are professionalizing. We have an all new audio setup and we use the time to talk about the BCH scaling war coming in November, and do a deep dive into the Wormhole protocol. Are two of the largest Bitcoin miners trying to change the BCH protocol to implement their own tokenization and smart contract solution?

We examine Clemens Ley’s upcoming The Bitcoin Token,’s Colored Coins tokenization solution, and the SImple Ledger Protocol implemented on top of Electron Cash.

Crypto Strategies Video on The Bitcoin Cash Civil War:

Simple Ledger Protocol Specification:

SLP Explorer:

Colored Coins Wallet:

The Bitcoin Token:

Clemens Ley’s Presentation on a Smart Contract Engine for Bitcoin:


[5:30] – ViaBTC/Bitmain vs nChain/CoinGeek. Examining the statements from all involved parties over the past year.
[26:00] – The Wormhole Tokenization Proposal. Good or Bad? Proof of Burn, block times, and more.
[42:00] – The Bitcoin Token, Colored Coins, and Simple Ledger Protocol.

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