Bears Losing Steam – Bulls Coming Back! ? Bitcoin Cash Craig Wright Math Problems, TRON News $TRX

According to eTrade’s Michael Moro, if we can sustain Bitcoin’s ($BTC) price around $7150 for a week or two, then the bulls will 100% return to the cryptocurrency market. I think things are finally looking up for Bitcoin here. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand, it having a rough go of it. Craig Wright may be enrolling in some remedial math courses. Tron’s new Virtual Machine is launching tomorrow (August 30th), and that’s exciting for dApp developers who are not getting the support they need through the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Looking forward to seeing more about that!

Oh, and I got to take a fun boat ride to an island today and see some Donald Trump toilet paper, so I’ll share that in the video too. Because why not?! ?


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