Bitcoin Cash $BCH Drama & Potential Chain Split… Clearly Explained! (Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin ABC)

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) November Hard Fork is bringing a TON of drama into their community. You have Bitcoin ABC with lead dev Amaury Sechet proposing new Op codes and canonical transaction ordering, while nChain (Craig Wright) and CoinGeek (Calvin Ayre) proposing a different client – Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV) – which does not have any of those changes and instead looks to lock in the original Bitcoin protocol 0.1.0 with a block size increase to 128 MB blocks. Then you have Bitcoin Unlimited trying to push for compromise while Cobra released Cobra Client which doesn’t include any of the proposed features – just replay protection. Finally you have Bitmain’s mining pools going against CoinGeek/Craig Wright and Roger Ver still on the sidelines evaluating. For an overview of all the JUICY DRAMA going on in BCH world, please give this video a watch!

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