DigiByte (DGB) – Price Set to EXPLODE with a new partner and the rising desire for apolitical $$$

In this video we cover several, new, and exciting articles around the greatest alt coin of all, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article we take a look at why the the rising desire for apolitical currency will put DigiByte among the market leaders. With citizens losing trust in their state-backed fiat currency they are looking for a decentralized option, and DigiByte is providing that solution. In the following article we take a look at a new partnership between DGB and Antum, a Belgium based company with a market across the entire EU. This is big news for DGB and is really the beginning of mass adoption of the #DigiShield technology that stands to benefit the financial sector, as well as social media giants. We finish the video up with two articles. The first of which details the need for the DGB team to release a clear cut road map of future goals and milestones for DGB, followed by positive news on how Digibyte has performed in the markets the past few weeks and YTD. The future is certainly looking bright!!






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