INSANELY Big Subwoofers in this SICK Subwoofer Box Wall floating everything from pillows, hair, and shirts.
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When he told me only 4k Watts I didn’t believe it but that is because CONE AREA is king. Three 21 inch sub woofers is a lot of subwoofer pressure even on low power clamped. Not many setups out there that have big subs as expensive as this. Thanks for watching!

Deaf Bonce NEO 521D1 21 Inch Neo Subwoofer, Deaf Bonce Neo
Alphard Audio Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAK7500 7500 WATT CAR AMPLIFIER , clamping over 4k Watts RMS after Rise
Stinger High Output Alternator
Three 21s in a 4th order , 2:1 ratio 4th order , 2 to 1 ratio 4th order
Atwood Fans for Amplifier Cooling
Machete MA-80.4 – Amplifier – Deaf Bonce
0 Gauge heat Shrink
XS Power Group 34, XS D3400 Battery
45ah Lithium Battery , Limitless Lithium 45ah Battery
Hair Tricks on Low Power
2018 Sundown Audio Show
Team Deaf Bonce
Guy Stevenson’s setup
Intro Song: Crave You , Coca Coca
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