How Terrible is a $30 ‘Gaming’ Keyboard? | PRN tech

Despite our PRN_tech Channel not being monetized, something I completely forgot when buying this, we’ve decided to spend our non-existent budget on a $30 ‘Gaming’ Keyboard from a company called E-3lue. Let’s see how it does.

We picked up this E-3BLUE Poly4on or Polygon keyboard from a store here in Québec called BuroPro Citation, they’re like a Staples, Indigo, and Toys R Us all in one store. This gaming keyboard was $30 CAD before tax and says it has blue illumination, is waterproof, and is ideal for gamers on a budget.

We open up this fantastic product, plug it into some different computers and see if it actually functions as a keyboard, if they keys themselves work, and if it’s decent enough for your budget-minded gamer. We do not test the waterproof claims made during this video, as we don’t believe a word the box says.

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