Ripple  | xCurrent | Ripple Changing the World 1 Bank at a Time

Ripple | xCurrent | Ripple Changing the World 1 Bank at a Time

Ripple | xCurrent | Part 1 | Ripple Changing the World 1 Bank at a Time. Ripple is just getting started. xCurrent has been implemented. xVia is getting ready to go live. Today they announced that xRapid will go live within the next month or so. Things are beginning to move. Ripple, the XRP Ledger, and the XRP Digital Asset are gearing up for a complete transformation of our global monetary exchange which will reverberate through the banks, consortiums, central banks, corporations, and yes governments. The Ripple EcoSystem solution is offering far more than any other Ledger based solution at this point and is on the precipice to revolutionize the global economy.

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