Not Hate, Fake News or FUD will stop XRP! Xrapid in play? Market Cap Nears Ethereum

Ripple’s Market Cap Nears that of Ethereum
Ripple’s explosive bull run culminates with a market cap of $19 billion, a 47% increase since the start of the day.
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XRP surges by 40% with 3x volume increase; suspicious wallet movement hints at xRapid testing.
The price of XRP has been on a tear ever since Ripple announced that xRapid is slated to launch next month. However, a closer look at the XRP Ledger reveals details that may be indicative of xRapid testing.

Over the past 24 hours, the price of XRP has gone up by a whopping 43% accompanied by a rise in the volume over the week from around the $300 million to over $1.5 billion.

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