Budget Magic: $83 (33 tix) Izzet Drakes (Standard)

Guilds of Ravnica is finally here, bringing along with it rotation, which means it’s time to start exploring our new Standard format! However, we’ve got a bit of a twist: Guilds of Ravnica was released early on Magic Arena, which means that for the very first time ever here on Budget Magic, we’re playing on the newest digital Magic client! This is perfect in some ways, since Arena just went into open beta, which means if you’re interested in testing it out, you don’t need a code or anything else. You can just make an account and start playing! On the other hand, the early release of Guilds of Ravnica on Arena featured only best-of-one (no sideboard) matches, which are a bit strange. We’ll use best of three if we play more Arena in the future, but for this week, the upside of getting to play Guilds of Ravnica (hopefully) outweighs the downside of not having a sideboard.

Anyway, our deck today is pretty sweet. One of the most exciting cards from Guilds of Ravnica is Crackling Drake, which combines with Enigma Drake to gives us the foundation of a powerful spellslinging Izzet deck built around the massive fliers. Throw in some burn spells and some of the new card-draw spells from Guilds of Ravnica, and we’ve got the makings of an awesome budget deck! Can Izzet Drakes compete in Guilds of Ravnica Standard? Let’s get to the video and find out; then, we’ll talk more about the deck!

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