DigiByte #DGB – Fight For Your Information – Harvard Explains Digi-ID – Alt Coins To Watch – Roadmap

In today’s video CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the top alt coin of 2018, #DigiByte #DGB.

In the first article, out of The Crimson Brand Studio, we cover a well written article, written by a #Harvard student that is a masters candidate in Health Management. In the article he details why the #DigiID will be the next implementation “use case” of #blockchain technology.

He does a fantastic job of detailing how Digi-ID works, and points out some amazing use cases for the technology in business, and for individual users.

How it works:

Digi-ID eliminates the use of personally identifiable information, such as Usernames and Passwords. Instead of using the traditional log in system, Digi-ID log in is accomplished by scanning a QR code generated at the time of log in. When this QR code is scanned, 0 information about the user is sent across the internet, instead, the QR code only carries information on where to send the log in information to. This level of security can essentially eliminate the ability of a hacker to steal your log in credentials.

Use Cases:

For businesses, the use cases are wide spread. Digi-ID can be used to secure access to doors, rooms, and other restricted areas within the organization, since the QR code can not be replicated or forged. Business can also implement the technology to secure log in for their email, and other documents that are personal or contain personal information on clients.

As an individual user you can use the Digi-ID technology as a safe alternative to log into your everyday accounts. Social media, email, bank account, etc. to name a few. This will be the most secure log in you can use, and eliminate the need to remember multiple user names and passwords.

The second article, from investinblockchain, takes a look at why it is important to watch DGB for the rest of 2018 and beyond. This article details some achievements the DGB team has had, as well as projects to look forward to in the near future.

In the rest of the video we go over the DigiByte roadmap to shed some light on some accomplishments DGB has mad in 2018, as well as additional developments coming out in the future.

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