50% Bitcoin (BTC) 25% Ethereum (Ether ETH) 25% Stellar (Lumens XLM): Dream Cryptocurrency Portfolio

50% Bitcoin (BTC), 25% Ethereum (Ether ETH), 25% Stellar (Lumens XLM) – Dream Cryptocurrency Portfolio

BTC 50% is minimum while 25% is max in Ethereum Ether and Stellar Lumens

XLM doubled compared to ETH in the last six months.
My previous recommendation for the last six months was 20% ETH and 30% XLM

XLM is less liquid – could have more upside, but can have more downside now.

Was less optimistic about ETH six months ago because I didn’t see anything launching and knew scaling would take a while. now 2nd layer just launched and Constantinople will launch in a couple months. Proof of Stake will suck up supply and I see great things like MakerDao which also sucks up supply in collateral

If you invest in makerdao or other projects – take from XLM or ETH not BTC