PivotBoss Pre-Market Video [Oct 12, 2018]: Flush Coming for #Bitcoin?

Oct 12, 2018 — FRIDAY AM

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The ES and NQ are bouncing, with signs that a near-term bottom may be in. If the lows of the impulse sell-off are in, then we could see high probability bounces back toward their respective midpoints. Gold finally saw a major breakout, but will it hold? Bitcoin is back to 6000 after another failure to push higher…is a flush coming? Here are the levels we will watch during the morning session of the PivotBoss Trading Room.

This video also includes: E-Mini S&P 500, E-Mini Nasdaq 100, Crude Oil, Gold, and Bitcoin.


— Frank Ochoa
Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss: http://pivotboss.com/secrets-of-a-pivot-boss/