DigiByte (DGB) – The Global Currency Of The Future – Outpacing Feeless Coins

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently discusses several reasons #DigiByte #DGB stands the best chance for global adoption, and why it will outpace fee less coins in the future.

When thinking of which coins could take over as a world currency, Bitcoin #BTC and Ripples #XRP come to mind.

Problems with BTC

1) Majority of mining is done in China, giving them the ability to manipulate the currency.

2) Bitcoin has very slow transactions when compared to DGB and XRP.

3) Bitcoin has very high transaction fees when compared to DGB and XRP.

Problems with XRP.

1) Heavily centralized when compared to DGB

2) The centralization is held by a U.S. company, which could prevent adoption of the currency in countries like China, Russia, and the rest of the Eastern world.

Why is DigiByte different?


Digibyte is spread across over 200,000 different nodes, meaning no single country and no single company in the world can manipulate it.