The Honeyminer, Good To Get Started With Bitcoin Mining on ANY PC!

This video is mostly made for people who still want to get into GPU/CPU Mining but don’t exactly know how.
I introduce you Honeyminer as this is one of the easyest miners i have found so far.
We all know about other miners as NiceHash but are slightly more complicated to use for people that are new into mining.

The simplicity of the miner makes it easy for users to get started on Bitcoin mining as it automaticaly chooses the most profitable coin to be mined with your computer and converts it straight into bitcoin!

The Requirements are in fact almost available for any computer.
Ofcourse the hardware you may have will affect the profits by many as you may not be using the best mining compontents.
Due to low prices on crypto this is even lower than usual, but i am expectin an unexpected rise by the end of 2018!

The Miner also has a referal option so you can team up with your friends and get additional profits!
~ You could also use my referal if you are interested in starting:

Happy mining!

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