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In today’s video CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the cyber security king, #DigiByte #DGB.

In the first article we take a look at DGB being added to the Kucoin Plus trading area. To be given this recognition by Kucoin, a currency must meet three goals.

1) Being listing in the top 30 on coinmarketcap.com

2) Be in the top 10% of all trading volume on Kucoin for two consecutive months

3) Achieve a high ranking from Kucoins review system

Digibyte has achieved all of these milestones and has earned a rightful place on Kucoin Plus Trading area.

This is major news for DGB, because on the Kucoin website they state that coins listed in the Kucoin Plus trading area are “less risky” investments. This will catch the attention of new investors and continue to drive the adoption of DGB.

Next we take a look at ABRA, and the possibility of the Abra wallet to allow the withdraw of DGB.

Since DGB was added to the Abra wallet, it has been one of the top performers on the mobile wallet, and this has caught the attention of the Abra team. On top of performing well, the DGB community has continuously expressed their desire to withdraw DGB from the #Abra wallet. These reasons have forced the Abra team to put serious thought into adding the ability to withdraw DGB from the application.

If this were to happen, it would be a massive boost for DGB, and could result in more investors recognizing the legitimacy of the project.

We end the video by taking a look at the new development coming from #AntumID. As we know, Digibyte and AntumID entered a partnership earlier this year.

AntumID recently posted on twitter that they have developed “OPEN AntumID SOAP” – this will be an upgraded version of Digi-ID.

The creation of OPEN AntumID SOAP will make it easier and faster to add Digi-ID to websites and software.

This is great news! because the easier it is to implement Digi-ID, the more the technology will be adopted.

The future is looking bright for DigiByte!








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