Stellar (XLM) – 7 Reasons For Major Gains 2019 and Beyond – IBM – Starlight – StellarX – Bakkt

In today’s video CryptoCurrently will cover seven reasons why #Stellar #XLM has the potential to see a successful 2019 and beyond.

The first reason is the creation of Interstellar. The for-profit arm of Stellar, Lighyear, merged with Chain, creating the new body Interstellar.

The partnership with Chain brought multiple companies along with it, including NASDAQ, Citigroup, and VISA. All of these partners are deeply involved with blockchain. NASDAQ has recently developed a Newswire service, and VISA has launched a #blockchain based Digital Identity system with the help of IBM.

The second reason for a successful 2019 is the rise of STOs (Security Token Offering) these are set to out pace ICO in the future as ICO investment is risky. The STO will allow individuals to invest in companies that are already exist and have working products. The tokenization of assets is set to increase as the years go by, and Stellar has been a pioneer in the market.

The third reason is the partnership between Stellar and IBM. IBM has partnerships with around 90% of the financial institutions in the world. This will likely see a major adoption of World Wire, a blockchain project created by IBM to facilitate cross boarder payments in near real time. IBM is also working on hundreds of other blockchain projects across the world. some of which include a Blockchain App Store, and Trade Lense, to track global logistics.

The fourth reason is the newly developed #Starlight. The Starlight technology will allow for instant, secure and private transactions that are feeless. These transactions can only be made using Stellar’s native token, XLM.

The fifth reason is StellarX the decentralized exchange created by Stellar. The future of crypto trading will be done on exchanges that are Decentralized and Feeless. The decentralization will add security and privacy and the feeless transactions will allow investors to keep all of their profits. These types of exchanges will dominate the future.

The sixth reason is the possibility of a partnership with Fidelity. While this is speculation at the time of writing, there is a small chance it could happen. Tom Jessop, a member of the Fidelity corporate team, was also the head of Chain. This close relationship could see Tom bridge the gap between Stellar and Fidelity.

The final reason is Bakkt. While there is no official release date, it is expected that Bakkt will launch by the end of 2018 or early 2019. When this happens, investment from institutions will flood into the cryptocurrency markets. This will have a major impact on Stellar XLM, and all major projects with working products, use cases, and solving problems for the future.


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