Tron Coinbase Listing – TRX Daily Transaction Pass BTC, ETH, and XRP

In this video, CryptoCurrently will cover some recent achievements for #Tron #TRX as well as discuss the potential of a TRX listing on #coinbase.

Recent headlines for Tron make it hard to deny the success of such a young project. Daily Transactions for TRX have out performed the top three #cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and XRP.

Here is a look at the transactions..

Tron = 901,408 Txs

Bitcoin = 259,638 Txs

Ethereum = 537,236 Txs

XRP = 385,276 Txs

Tron has also been recently added to the Trust Wallet, Backed by #Binance. This is yet another accomplishment for Tron $TRX.

As a result of all the accomplishments Tron has had, we have seen an increase of awareness about the project and improved sentiment in the market. Tron has been mentioned on Twitter more often than BTC, ETH, and XRP.

So what about coinbase? has Tron filled out the coinbase application?

What does it take to get listed on coinbase?

Well, to achieve a coinbase listing a company must submit a “clear and compelling” reason for why the coin should exist, not including fund raising. The coin must also meet the requirements for Supply, High Demand, and high trading volume.

Tron has met all of these requirements, and as a result could see it achieve a coinbase listing in the near future.

One more reason Tron could be listed on coinbase, sooner, rather than later, is because Tron is fully compatible with the Ethereum Network. This could make it easier for Coinbase to list TRX, similar to the listing of 0x.

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