Why XRP Will Rise after xRapid Adoption

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Now back to XRP and whether or not it will rise back up once xRapid has been released…

Sometimes I feel as though I give mixed messages when it comes to XRP, Some comment on videos as if I hate Ripple XRP, while others think I believe it is the greatest of all crypto currencies.

The truth is somewhere in between. While I do believe that in the long run XRP will almost certainly gain substantial value, that long run I see as being like 20-30 years.

For some in their later years 20-30 years to make your fortune from XRP could be too long a wait.

While my video on xRapid clearly shows that at a price of $0.40 per XRP, xRapid chew through SWIFT’s daily volume with ease while only needing 1 Bn of XRP’s 100 Bn maximum supply.

My other video suggests a value of over $2,400 per XRP based on a scenario where by XRP replaces ALL global currency.

Both I believe are likely to be true.

While I feel any price spike during the adoption is likely to be due to hype and speculation in the market rather than actual demand for XRP coming from xRapid directly.
I do believe that the stabilising effect of having $7Trillion of completely balanced daily volume will eventually make XRP the MOST STABLE currency in the world.

And therefore the most likely to be replacing the USD as the world reserve currency during the next global financial crash.

And remember, Ripple and XRP will already be built into banking systems around the world on every continent at that time, so transition to XRP would not only make sense but also be relatively simple.

So I know what people will say, how will the price rise if the price of XRP is stable?

Great question…

Well when I’m talking about price stability and near zero volatility, I’m not talking about a completely flat price for 100 years, just day to day with a consistent steady growth year on year as more businesses, towns, cities, and countries begin using XRP as an alternative to paper money.

That is my view, please feel free to share your own opinions below:


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