Bitcoin Cash Hackathon by Why Bitcoin Cash? | Hard Fork | Projects | Interviews

Last weekend (27 & 28 oct) organized world’s first Bitcoin cash Hackathon at Rockstrat offices in Amsterdam with great speakers like the Bitcoin cash main developer Amaury Sechet and €3.5k in prize money in BCH which will have a hard fork next month. Why Bitcoin Cash instead of the “normal” Bitcoin core? There’s a scheduled hard fork coming up, what does it mean and why do they do it every 6 months? What are the projects participating in the hackathon? is a huge Bitcoin mining pool that has 18% of all Bitcoin miners and has over 1.5 million Bitcoin walles. In a pool, miners work together to have a higher success rate in solving Bitcoin blocks. The profit is shared among participants in the pool. Their European office is located in the Rembrandt Tower.

The company is owned by Bitmain (biggest producer of mining equipment from China).

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