Protect your investment with FANUC’s proven IoT solution – Zero Down Time

Zero Down Time, or ZDT, is a comprehensive equipment monitoring solution from FANUC America. It uses a secure, outbound-only connection to transfer data to our cloud based data center where we monitor the health of your robots and process equipment, track and notify you of robot program or process changes, provide reports that include insights as to how the system is running, and predict component failure before downtime occurs.

Unexpected downtime reduces productivity and increases operating costs. ZDT helps you avoid unexpected downtime by regularly analyzing your system, and providing you early notification of potential issues, enabling you to take action long before downtime occurs.

With ZDT, you can:

• Access your system information from anywhere in the world

• Maximize production throughput

• Optimize maintenance costs

• Extend the life of your robots and peripheral equipment

• Reduce unexpected downtime

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