XRP will be UNOBTAINABLE for MOST | 20 XRP new wallet

XRP will be UNOBTAINABLE for MOST | 20 XRP new wallet
I understand why there is a 20 XRP minimum as a security precaution. There is a clear way to go about changing this if needed. However, there isn’t a determined minimum only a determined maximum. Without a clear minimum, again I will have to make an assumption that the minimum is the starting point and in the end it is actually very unlikely that the 20 XRP minimum would change to a lower number.

Ripple Developers Website – direct link to the information on the reserves that I covered in today’s video https://developers.ripple.com/reserves.html

Get your own Ledger. Keep your HODLD Crypto safe – https://www.ledger.com/?r=e1e0236f4257

Article on MapleChange – https://www.ccn.com/hacked-canadian-bitcoin-exchange-maplechange-returns-to-twitter-opens-refund-chat-room/

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