Ideas on the Verge – Live Interview with Rare Hare Barn on Raising Rabbits

In this live interview, I will be interviewing Callene Rapp from Rare Hare Barn. We will be discussing all aspects of raising rabbits for both genetic preservations as well as for meat.

Rabbits are one of the most sustainable, nutritious, and economic meat sources available. They can easily be raised in a variety of locations and climates, and require less space and infrastructure than many other species of livestock.

Raising Rabbits for Meat is the how-to guide to help you succeed in starting and running a home rabbitry for a steady source of meat or income. Coverage includes:

The history of the domestic rabbit
Information on breeding, housing, and harvesting
Tools to help you succeed with your program
An emphasis on heritage breeds.

Raising Rabbits for Meat provides a solid foundation for success in raising rabbits and is ideal for anyone interesting in starting a small rabbitry for home use or to market rabbit meat as a business opportunity.

Eric and Callene Rapp have owned and operated the award-winning Rare Hare Barn since 2005, the largest heritage-breed meat-rabbit enterprise in the United States, supplying heritage breed fryers to local restaurants. They have over 50 years of combined experience handling nearly every species of domestic livestock, and are active members of The Livestock Conservancy. Callene is also a regular contributor to Grit Magazine. They live and farm in Leon, Kansas.

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