Profoto B10 REVIEW | Featuring Canon EOS R | REAL WORLD SHOOT!

If you want an un-boxing video, or someone to tell you “specs” this is not your video. I am also not going to run through all the features of the light. What I AM going to do.. is take you along with a top fashion model here in Miami on a real shoot and show you exactly what these little Profoto B10’s can do! So buckle up, and let’s do it!

I am also going to give lots of photography tips, my setups and how I get some of the results that I do!

Also Maria (my model) is going with us to the desert (Nevada) at the end of the month for my workshop! If you are interested in attending this educational photography workshop, hit me up on IG and view my saved stories on this amazing trip! 11/30 – 12-5 (2018)

If you have questions about the lights, I am happy to help in the comments below. Any comments critiquing my work, my video, or any other BS will be deleted, and you will be banned from this channel. If you don’t like it.. move on 😉

Thanks everyone!


Think Tank 30L location bag (going to be talking more about this soon.. this is a big deal bag for me, and I am going to make a video explaining why). With this link you will get a free gift from Think Tank.

Profoto Academy LIVE ep14 – Here was an interesting test that showed all the different light spreads, and raw power from the different heads. Understanding this in combination with the above videos really helps. (skip to about 48:00)

Mark Wallace – A GREAT (best) video you can watch on understanding watt seconds vs. output.


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