ETH vs EOS: The Great Debate – Part 1

“Is EOS a Blockchain” was the original subject of this debate but ended up being a debate about EOS vs ETH, the good the bad and the ugly.

This event was proudly sponsored by EOS New York.

The debate teams:

Arguing for ‘EOS is a blockchain’

Tim Osborn a.k.a. Crypto Tim
With over 800 subscribers on his Youtube channel, Crypto Tim is a well known and respected voice of the EOS community. Reporting on news and current events, Tim also conducts interviews with projects, block producers and key members of the eos community. Tim is very passionate about crypto world wide mass adoption and believes that EOS is the only one that can truly deliver on the promise of Life, Liberty, Property and Justice in a way that is clean and scaleable.

Kevin Brown – Founder & CTO of Coinage
With a wealth of experience in developing on a vast array of platforms and languages, Kevin is Founder and CTO of Coinage, a premium services blockchain developer and ICO services company. Most notably Coinage is working on Ethereum and EOS development for the Havven project to create the world’s first collateral backed multi-currency stable-coin platform. Kevin’s unique view on blockchains is that there are many kinds of projects all with their own use case and they all fill a certain need and demand for real world applications.

Arguing against ‘EOS is a blockchain’

James Zaki – Developer/Engineer @
For over 15 years James has been building upon the latest technologies for small companies and start-ups. Combined with a foundation in Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science, James is no stranger to the pragmatic application of emerging technologies.
Having evaluated and developed various tech-solutions to real-world problems, truly decentralised and sustainable ecosystems have been inspiring to imagine a better world without extreme power concentrations.

Adrian Guerrera – Founder of
Data Scientist turned cryptoanarchist, Adrian is the founder of Deepyr, a blockchain research and development company currently focusing on Ethereum PoC’s, Smart Contract engineering and audits as well as contributing to the ERC1400 Security Token standard. Having emerged from the depths of the rabbit hole, guided by White Hat mentor BokkyPooBah and fresh from Devcon4, Adrian applies an Ethereum maximalist perspective to the current state play.

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