The Steeming Pile v3.3 – DigiByte & Steem: What’s Possible

This was a special episode for The Steeming Pile. We had on Josiah Spackman from the DigiByte Foundation and Mike Aldy to discuss their projects as well as to look at potential crossovers for Steem & Digibyte in the future. It was a good discussion and I look forward to continuing to learn more about Digibyte in the future!

@thesteemingpile is an open space live broadcasting project for the Steem & @vimm community. We set up the theme and create the agenda live on air. We are just getting started so feel free to jump on the pile.

We usually livestream each episode starting at 9:30pm EST on Tuesday nights using the network. You can find my channel on vimm at


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