DigiTalk #13 – Why you should run a full node to help DigiByte Mobile

In this DigiTalk I show you why you should run a full DigiByte Core Wallet

If you are looking in your firewall / router, you’ll want to allow TCP Port 12024 for the DigiByte Core Wallet, and forward it to your PC.

You can also set something like ‘maxconnections=500’ in the config file, so that you connect to more than just the standard number of peers.

Finally, you don’t have to keep the wallet open 24/7, nothing will break if you close it, but the more you can keep it up (If you CAN keep it up 24/7) then all the better for it.

When you run the DigiByte Core Wallet and seed the blockchain to other people, there’s no chance that somebody can “get your DigiByte”, all that they can get is the DigiByte blockchain which is public information.

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