Bitcoin “Death Spiral” Impossible?!? ⚠️ $5M Lawsuit: BITMAIN Unauthorized Mining | Pay Taxes w/ $BTC

Golden Goose project dismisses $BTC “death spiral” myth, BITMAIN unauthorized mining results in $5M lawsuit, Ohio officially accepts Bitcoin for taxes, first military blockchain voting, $SWTH lists 19 ERC-20s, BHEX, crypto news, and more!

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0:15 Markets ??
0:59 Is this a bull run?
1:04 ? BCC Anniversary:
1:17 Novogratz: Crypto will flip next year:
2:18 Willy Woo is bearish:
3:41 Zhao Dong is bullish:
4:29 Best prediction every:
5:26 Blockchain outstrips internet:
7:29 Bitcoin is too confusing?
8:19 Bitmain $5M Lawsuit:
10:56 Ohio accepts BTC for taxes:
12:20 Military blockchain voting:
13:06 Golden Goose dismisses ”Death Spiral”
15:06 Arthur Hayes mocks Ethereum (ETH) price:
15:36 Circle (USDC) audits:
16:07 Switcheo (SWTH) lists 19 ERTC-20s:
16:28 ARK Core V2:
17:02 Taiwan tightens reigns over exchanges:
18:13 Huobi x NYSE forms BHEX:
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Is It GAME OVER For BITCOIN? Here’s Some Things To Consider…

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