Bytecoin New Roadmap (HardwareWallet, HD Wallets, Online Wallet, Auditable Wallets & MORE) (1/4)

Hello, Dear Bytecoin Enthusiast!
In this series of videos BytecoinGuru will be going over the updates included in the New Roadmap as well as BytecoinGuru’s Market Outlook.

In Part 1, we will go over the Roadmap released by the Bytecoin Team:
as well as go over a couple of the Q&A regarding the roadmap:
In the following parts we talk about the market outlook and perspective on what is happening to cryptocurrencies during end of 2018 and what that could mean.
If you’d like to see a detailed video on the Q&A and the information given in the BG’s update, make sure you let us know in the comment section, and express your interest by clicking the “Like” Button.

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