The DigiByte Blockchain Presentation at The University of Southern California

The Trojan Blockchain Society of The University of Southern California host Mike Aldy to give a presentation on behalf of The DigiByte Blockchain on Thursday November 15th, 2018.

In tonight’s presentation, we discuss the importance of decentralization, how adoption of technology happens, how we assess value, and the cybersecurity flaws under the current system and how the DigiByte blockchain can improve it. We also cover the technical specs of DigiByte, and the characteristics which make it a superior blockchain.

Live demonstrations are given of Dig-ID by logging into an AntumID account online, as well as sending and receiving $DGB between two wallets on two devices.

Download the DigiByte Wallet for Android:
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Official DigiByte website:
DigiByte Awareness Team:
Digusign Official Website:
Venezuela initative Oct ’18 update:…
Fisrt Group Installing and opening Digibyte – wallets for kids
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