Ian Stratis – Amazing – Official Video Clip

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Ian Stratis -Amazing
Music: Ian Stratis/Eddie Dervakos
Lyrics: Ian Stratis/Ilias Samartzis

Produced By Labis Kountourogiannis
Video Created By: Christos Ginis
Label: Feelgood Records

Special thanks to “Color Day Festival” for the giveaway of the filming.

Staring into a pale obstacle
just repeating
I feel comical

I feel the pump in my chest
throughout this emptiness
behind the wall happiness
let yourself and be my lady,

I’ m trapped inside your eyes
Baby disappearing into my fantasy bring me fruits
these are good for me
oh honey now
I just try and try so hard
wait until you know it’s right

Girl I go crazy
looks like I’m in your hands
feels kind of amazing
forever be my lady

I’ d like to say
if there is a way
Sh*t I’m forgot what I was going to say
fighting insanity with pure morality
digging the grave of the humanity
unanimous profanity
oh wait up
I have a problem
I always change the subject
and of it matters to you
say it if it’s true
never mind it’s just a matter of truth
perfection is just a matter of you

But all of that’s left disappeared
all of that’s left are mumbling creatures
options make the man you see
when you light the way
I’ll be there

Ian Stratis – Amazing – Official Video Clip

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