Tron (TRX) – Major News -Paying Taxes with Bitcoin – TRONdice – Binance Gold Label Project

Despite the bear market, #Tron #TRX has been all over the headlines.

Today we’ll get to the heart of the technology behind Tron, cover the #Binance Gold Label Project, look at the TRONdice gambling Dapp, convince ETH Dapp developers to migrate to TRX, and get answers from Justin Sun surrounding BitTorrent and privacy.

First we discuss the TRON accelerator, a project recently launched by the foundation. Dapp developers can apply for a $100,000 USD loan to provide funding for R&D and application creation.

More details on application requirements, and repayment processes can be found here:

Next we take a look at the most popular decentralized application on the TRON network. TRONdice. The application is eerily similar to TRONbet. In a new version of the game coming soon, users will be able to vote on important issues on the platform.

To visit the TRONdice website click below

Following that, we take a look at Tron being on the the first 100 projects to be listed on the Gold Label Project on the Binance website. The Gold Label Project will provide frequent updates on the 100 projects, and provide accurate and trustworthy information.

Finally, we get some answers to questions the BitTorrent and TRON community have been asking.

BitTorrent has roughly 100 Million users, not all of which are interested in cryptocurrency, So the Tron team has wisely added the option to “opt out” of the rewards system.

For those who wish to “opt in” and participate in spending TRX tokens, there were concerns with privacy.

Justin Sun cleared that up as well by saying..

“The incentive system itself is not related to individual torrents. It tracks only that a certain number of tokens were transferred from one peer to another, and the details of this token transfer will not be publicly visible.”


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