Wildlife Photography on a Mirrorless Camera?? The Canon EOS R

How is a mirrorless camera for wildlife photography? I test the Canon EOS R for wildlife photography in South Africa.
We’re in Kruger National Park doing some wildlife photography and game driving around trying to spot leopards. And, I’m testing out the Canon EOS R to see if it’s possible to do wildlife photography on a mirrorless camera.
The mirrorless camera took some getting used to. The morning, actually, I found myself fighting it a lot. But, as the day wore on I found a lot of advantages the mirrorless camera has for wildlife photography. Between the Canon EOS R having an EVF and the beauty of manual focus peaking made my wildlife photography so much easier with this camera body. In fact, as much as I thought I was going to ditch the EOS R for my 5D Mark iv as soon as I could, at the end of the day I think I decided that I prefer the EOS R.
So, is wildlife photography on a mirrorless camera possible? Definitely? Will I be going back to my DSLR tomorrow? No. I’m loving the Canon EOS R for wildlife photography!

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