DigiByte (DGB) – Sleeping Giant? – Updates on V-ID – AntumID – DigiCafe – UTRUST

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding #Digibyte #DGB, V-ID, and AntumID.

First we take a look at the latest news coming from V-ID, one of the valuable partners of the Digibyte community.

Using the V-ID technology you will be able to choose from three methods of validation.

1) Having an on site V-ID associate

2) self – validation

3) Bridge Validation

once the document has been validated by an approved associate, the next step can take place, verification.

By simply dragging and dropping a document into the verification terminal, a document can be verified in as little as 5 seconds.

If a single Byte, pixel, character or anything else is changed from the original copy, V-ID will detect the change, 100% of the time.

Next we dive into the latest news coming from AntumID, yet another valuable partner of DigiByte.

A recent tweet from AntumID reads..

Announcement : Public Release “Open AntumID” Open Source project based on Digibyte Digi-ID technology with support services. Digi-ID integration becomes “Open AntumID” @DGBAT_Official @DigiByteCoin @RudyBouwman @DeanoDigi @jaredctate

When clicking the link to the AntumID news letter, we find that in addition to to open source solutions of AntumID, there will also be full commercial solutions to provide support for an annual cost and transaction costs, depending on which services are purchased.

The AntumID technology will offer complete solutions for governments and non-profit organizations.

Lastly, we cover some updates on Digibytes use as a currency, and its ability to be spent at the point of sale.

Following a tweet from Rudy Bouwman, we learn that the Payment Solutions Provider UTRUST, will allow DGB to be spent at the point of sale for over 10,000 merchants in Europe.

With the UTRUST technology the merchant can accept multiple cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and instantly receive the payment of their choice (i.e USD, EUR, or any other supported fiat/crypto currency).

Finally, we get an update on DigiCafe. The team behind it has been hard at work on developments that will allow other websites to integrate DigiByte payments as a back end service (along with a select few other cryptocurrencies). The IOS version of the DigiCafe application has been submitted to Apple, and is waiting on approval for the app store.






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