The Necessity of the EOS Rex proposal, and why it’s essential.

What is the Rex proposal, and why is it needed? Well for those of you that are unaware, Rex stands for Resource Exchange, it is a proposal made by Dan Larimer, which proposes the addition of a lending / borrowing platform that allows individual users to lend out EOS token capacity, while simultaneously allowing borrowers to borrow, EOS capacity on a monthly basis, at a fraction of the cost. Secondary effects will include, but will not be limited to, the voting incentivization of EOS voters of the platform. Which in my opinion is sorely needed considering the recent price pullbacks of the cryptocurrency market. As the brand new voting referendum system is being tested, I’m sure it has not escaped the communities noticed that, action will soon be required, for the EOS community to take, on which direction the EOS blockchain, will be moving towards in future, many possibilities are open to the community, which both comes with possible great benefits, as well as potential risks, if we are not careful with our collective choices. I believe one of the most important choices the EOS Community will vote on, will be weather to approve the Rex proposal, I cannot begin to overstate, the significant importance of such a proposal passing, and going live on the EOS blockchain, this video article will be a breakdown of the necessity of the Rex proposal, and why it is so essential to the future growth of the EOS blockchain.

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