Crypto Nuclear Winter?!? Guess Who Owns 1% of ALL BITCOIN? MASSIVE Binance News! $BTC Hash Rate

Jim Breyer unfazed by crypto’s “nuclear winter,” Dr. Ben Goertzel on Joe Rogan podcast, $BTC hash rate adjusts, MASSIVE $BNB updates, interest in blockchain development remains high despite market, ConcenSYS major changes, crypto news, and more!

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0:12 Markets: Factom (FCT) Binince (BNB) ?
1:38 Joe Rogan x Dr. Ben Goertzel:
2:28 SungularityNET (AGI) summary:
2:39 Jim Breyer not Scared of Bitcoin nuclear winter:
4:34 Bear market affects ConsenSYS:
5:30 BTC hash rate adjusts:
6:24 Roger Ver remains positive:
7:25 Interest in blockchain remains high:
7:47 Tom Lee $15,000 BTC:
7:59 $10 BTC? ?
8:20 Institutions accumulating BTC:
10:03 John McAfee for president x Skycoin (SKY):
10:45 Binance Chain:
11:03 Binance DEX:
11:13 Tripio x Binance:
11:33 Decentraland (MANA) x Binance:
12:07 Decentraland x MakerDAO (MKR, DAI):
12:28 Elastos (ELA) TV boxes update:
12:40 PIVX light node zero coin protocol:
13:06 Hydrogen (HYDRO) x Google Cloud:
13:43 Jibrel Network memento:
13:59 Blockchain for EU:
15:02 FINMA license:
15:37 Overstock medici ventures x GrainChain:
16:13 11 year old investment advice:
17:51 ? T-Shirt winner ?

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