How to find a good Tezos Baker using

Explanatory YouTube video on “How to find a good Tezos baker using

In today’s video we are explaining how to find a good Tezos baker using

Tezos is a unique Proof of Stake blockchain where by participating in the staking mechanism you can earn an annual percentage of greater than 5.5% paid in cycles of 2.5 days – This process is called baking.

The great thing about Tezos is that the participating in this mechanism is easily accessible.

All you need to do is select a good Baker, delegate your stack, and start collecting your baking interest rewards.

This can be done by sending XTZ to a simple KT1 address from any tezos wallet – pointed to your chosen baker.

Sounds easy right?

Well for the most part it is – there are a few details that must be reviewed when choosing a good baker and that’s where comes in.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video – and found a useful tool when selecting your baker –
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Happy Baking!

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