Bitcoin Breaks Past $4,100, Bitcoin Cash Gains Over 40% – December 20th Cryptocurrency News

Price of Bitcoin $4,174.61 as of 12.18pm EST
Well Bitcoin finally managed to break past $4,000 again. At the weekend we saw Bitcoin drop to a new 2018 low. This day last year Bitcoin was over $17,100. The total crypto market cap is looking more positive today as we saw it climb back past $130 billion.

The crypto markets have been struggling since the famous bitcoin cash split in November sending the crypto world into a panic with prices of Bitcoin and some other crypto’s dropping to their lowest levels of this year. This day last year Bitcoin Cash was over $3,400.

By November of last year we saw the price surge past $1,400. Last December we saw the price of Bitcoin Cash hit an all time high of over $4,000 before starting on a massive path of decline. Before the Bitcoin Cash community famously split last month the price was was hovering around the $400 range.

Bitcoin Cash also referred to as the Bitcoin Cash ABC implementation plummeted below $80 this month, but this week it is finally starting to show some positive movements as it surged more than 40% today. It overtook EOS and bitcoin cash is now in 4th place in terms of marketcap.

We saw it climb past $175 today. The CoinText Bitcoin cash wallet launch in Bangladesh gave it a boost along with negative sentiment surrounding its rival Bitcoin SV, which stands for Satoshi’s version. Craig Wright, the face behind bitcoin cash SV once claimed he is actually the real Satoshi.

Bitcoin SV is in in 9th place in terms of marketcap and it also experienced some gains today climbing past $100, but still some expect it to soon fall out of the top 10. But what are you expecting, share with us your thoughts and predictions in the comments below. And thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and see you again tomorrow. Please remember this is news, not investment advice.

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