Facebook Plans To Create A Stablecoin, IOTA’s €200k Competition – Dec 21st Cryptocurrency News

In 2018, we saw the creation of a few more stable coins, they are suppose to bring more stability, by minimizing volatility as it is pegged to the USD. According to a Bloomberg report this week Facebook wants to create its very own stablecoin for whatsapp transfers. Facebook is apparently far away from releasing the coin as it is still working on its strategy.

Crypto currency exchange Coinbase has expanding into more markets including Lithuania, Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The company recently opened a new office in Dublin. Coinbase said that Next year it will continue expanding rapidly into new regions and adding assets to the Coinbase platform to meet customer demand.

And this week the IOTA foundation has announced the Troika Hash Function Developed by Expert Cryptographers. The IOTA Foundation and CYBERCRYPT will host a competition aimed at inviting cryptanalysts to evaluate Troika with a total prize pool valued at €200,000.

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