Crypto Christmas! Coin of the Week: Stellar Lumens

This is the last crypto meetup this year. Its been exactly a year since Bitcoins all-time high of $20K and the total crypto market cap of $814B. Let’s celebrate, have some drinks (exchangeable for THAT coins, so bring your Waves Wallets).

The topic that we will be discussing is Stellar Lumens. It seems to be a small brother of Ripple or maybe a rival. It takes the 5th place by the market value and announced several projects and partnerships with high profile companies.

Let’s take a closer look at the blockchain, the projects it is involved and the coin (XLM).

Last week we started accepting THAT token as a payment for booze, it is almost worked, and I am sure it will be working this time. If you want to get THAT read below how to acquire it. You can always buy THAT on the Waves DEX.

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