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Gandhiji will show the RBI that cryptocurrency can be a beautiful thing and will also rival Proof Of Weak Hands – POWH3D all time high of 90K Ethereum. 1 ETH at a time, Ghandhiji will achieve this goal. 🙂 Money Guru digital is wrong, Gandhiji is love, Gandhiji is alive!

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Ghandiji New Year Raffle Update + Masternode Giveaway
Crypto World News Live. FOMO Daily Gandhiji Lives On The Ethereum Blockchain To Stand Against RBI Cryptocurrency Ban.
Gandhiji lives on the on the Ethereum blockchain and is fully transparent and open. Gandhiji’s code is backed by the Ethereum network, feel free to take a look at his divine mathematics and logic, his code is verified for all to see. So as long as the Ethereum network exists so will Gandhiji and all of the Ethereum kept by Gandhiji Every transaction is handled by a piece of un-changeable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract called Gandhiji. Welcome Gandhiji to cryptocurrency. Decentralised Democracy has finally arrived.

My Favorite Ethereum Dapps For Beginners:
POWH4D: P4D Link:
Special Shout To Gandhi Ji:

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