Why Ripple XRP Could Surge in 2019 | This is Important


Why Ripple XRP Could Surge in 2019 | This is Important

Will xrp explode in value 2019 ? Here’s why I think so

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Binance, Cryptocurrency, XRP–XRP, the currency which started the year trading at $3.80 per coin, may finish 2018 with some positive news in the form of an update from Binance. Given the liquidity of the XRP coin, in addition to its utility features which favor fast transactions and negligible fees, users have frequently clamored for exchanges to adopt the currency as a ubiquitous base pair for trading. XRP was designed by the cryptocurrency startup Ripple for the primary purpose of cross border money transfers and global remittance, giving the second ranked currency by market capitalization a leg up on the competition.

Last month EWN reported on a tweet by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao with implications for a potential XRP base pair, with the coin’s community making a strong push to make the teasing a reality. This news followed upon an earlier tweet in August by Weiss Ratings agency, which pitched Binance the benefit of integrating XRP as their base pair currency.

there’s 2 choice here but u need to pick one 🙂
1- buy me a camaro for xmas (too much for a billionaire u should pick the second)
2-xrp base pair (this one u will make a lot of us have a happy xmas)

CZ Binance

Careful what you wish for. 🙂

source: https://ethereumworldnews.com/xrp-base-pair-binance-2018/

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