Proof of Work Maximalism, Bitcoin SV vs Digibyte ft Josiah Spackman | Podcast 010

Kurt interviews Josiah Spackman from Digibyte about some what “Satoshi’s Vision” really means to the crypto community in relation to mining, development, the cult of decentralization and what it takes to build the perfect blockchain!

Do we need big blocks, fast blocks, multishield and a huge blockchain? Or do we need small, slow blocks and 2nd layers like Lightning Network? Josiah offers a unique perspective since Digibyte is the cryptocurrency with the largest UTXO set, and their developers have created a coin that uses 5 mining algorithms in order to make a low-hash, mid-cap valued coin EXTREMELY secure from double spend and other reorganization attacks.

This was extra relevant as we discussed the BCH/ABC/BSV/BTC drama going on with SHA-256 bitcoin mining, the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV hash war, and some of what decentralization and centralization really mean. Is bitcoin ABC “safe” from Nakamoto Consensus because of checkpoints and reorganization protection?

Is it good that coins like Vertcoin and Monero fork away from ASICS in order to keep low hashing power and decentralized GPU mining?

It was a fun talking to a friend with a unique perspective, lots of knowledge and veteran status in the Crypto Twitter FUD wars!

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews