[Yugioh Duel-Links] Convert Contact! Last Gamble Neo Spacian Turbo! Fun Deck!

70-80% Winrate
Skill: Last Gamble
2x-3x Sphere Kuriboh for stall
3x Neo Spacian Hummingbird good for lp stall.
3x Aqua Dolphin good for getting rid of pesky kuribohs and deals 500 lp.
2x-3x Elemental Hero Neos change based on consistency.
2x-3x Miracle Contact Change depending on consistency can be very good at 3 for constant summoning from convert contact.
3x Convert Contact- Main Drawing Engine.
2x Enemy Controller- For Econ Take of Troublesome monsters and Can help with the otk after you blow up backrow.
1x-2x Contact out change based on consistency good against canadia,floodgate,and other chainable cards. Also good needed for a quick otk.

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