Why I believe XRP will surpass Bitcoin & replace Gold

*For Entertainment Purposes Only* I am Not a Financial Advisor* DYOR *

This is my personal journey and story, everyone in crypto has their own reasons why they do or don’t do things, invest or don’t invest in things and this is my cliff notes version of the past 10 years for me, thank you to the whole #XRPCommunity and #XRP rainmakers and even the Bitcoin community for making and helping mold me into the person I am today, for good, bad , ugly and sad I’m here and we’re here and we’re making the best out of every situation as much as we can and well , love me , hate, mock me or disagree with me I’m ready to hear and accept it all, I committed myself when my son was born to become the best version of myself and to help as many people along the way to achieve financial and personal abundance and for me the answer and solution is XRP ! For you it may be different and that’s ok but for me it’s this so have a great 2019 ! Lubs y’all ! Working hard to see all of you in the future either at LIetchienstien or at some other conference around the world ! – @xrprainmaker

#gold standard to me = xrp comment below what it means to you !

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