Beware Of Fake Roger Ver Accounts! & Hiding Your Transactions Got Easier!

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Full Show Notes

►CASH SHUFFLE | BCH Project is Nearing Completion
The Cashshuffle protocol is an open source project being developed by the Electron Cash programmers and other well-known BCH developers.


CRYPTO IMPERSONATIONS | Social Media Scammers are on the Rise
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are home to many hake handles impersonating many well-known crypto industry executives and blockchain luminaries.


►BITPAY | Reports Over $1 Billion Dollars in Transactions in 2018
The Copay wallet, Bitpay wallet have reportedly sent billions of dollars in value in BCH and BTC in 2018- with users creating over 1.5 million wallets.


►VENEZUELA | Growing Bitcoin Cash Merchant Adoption
The Bitcoin Cash community is working to grow merchant adoption in Venezuela. Connect with [email protected] start a meetup or to get involved with growing BCH Adoption in your area !

►REUSABLE ADDRESSES | Available for Bitcoin Cash
The Reusable address (formerly stealth address) is now available with the Copay/ BitPay Wallet. With reusable addresses you can store an address to your contacts and make wallets much more user friendly.


►XTHINNER | New Block Propagation Protocol on BCH
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Jonathan Toomim unveiled Xthinner, which can compress blocks by 99.6 percent.


►HONEST CASH | Upgrades Their Simple Bitcoin Wallet
The Wallet (Powered by Bitbox and Bitcoinfiles), will allow transactions to be traced back to the Honest network and to the post that had been upvoted.


►COINEX | New BCH Pairing with Zcoin (BCH/XZC)
The Bitcoin BCH exchange lists Zcoin as their newest cryptocurrency to the exchange. Bringing the total BCH pairings to 55 on CoinEx!


► | Now Supports Badger Wallet
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►Book Recommendations:
Henry Hazlitt: Economy in one lesson

Ludwig von Mises: Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

Murray Rothbard: Man, Economy, and State

David D. Friedman: The Machinery of Freedom

David D. Friedman: Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World

Milton Friedman: Free to choose

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