EOS is history in the making. (with Chinese subs)

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EOS is history in the making.

Throughout history, there have usually been milestones that significantly altered the perception of what is possible. The human race has usually been actively advancing forward and the evolution of technological development, especially in the last 100 years of history. We have seen in a few short decades mankind go from mechanical analog computers, into it’s ultra-fast digital hyper-threaded multi-core processor modern-day counterparts. Progress continues to March forward regardless of the opinions of the status quo, is their permission. And we have seen this happen countless times in history, for example, such as the invention of the oar-driven rowboat, followed by the invention of the sailboat, which was then followed by the invention of the steam-powered ship, and this eventually culminated into the invention of the massive diesel drove steel ship behemoths we have today. My point is, that the overwhelming majority of time progress moves forward, Innovation continues to happen regardless of the permission of the status quo. This time in history is no different, the EOS referendum system is activated, and now for the first time in history, the community of a decentralized top five market cap cryptocurrency can actually make their, collective voices be known through the process of collective decentralized voting. This is a groundbreaking innovation, and this has the potential to reshape our expectations of what qualifies as, a fair and accurate voting system worldwide. And in this video, I intend to explain why the EOS voting referendum system is history in the making.

(Chinese Translation)


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