DigiByte ($DGB) – Time to Shine – Gift Cards – Debit Cards – FIat Pairs

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently will cover the recent developments surrounding #DigiByte – Over the past two days #DGB has obtained multiple fiat pairings on several exchanges, Bidali has accepted DGB as a form of payment, UTRUST has obtained another partnership, and a sneak peak at the DigiZipper technology coming from Antum.

We being by discussing Bidali.


This tweet broke the news that Bidali has accepted DigiByte as a form of payment. Through Bidali, you can now purchase gift cards, With DGB, to over 150 of the world leading brands including Amazon, Walmart, Uber, etc.

More details can be found in this Medium article written by Bidali


Buying giftcards is great! but as discussed in the article, Bidali has much more to offer.

now, ANY online merchant can start accepting DGB as a form of payment by implementing the Bidali accounting software.

Next we take a look at two exchanges that have provided a fiat pair with DigiByte.

1) Omoxie – offering pairs with USD / USDT / EUR / and BTC


2) CloverDEX – paired with the USD / EUR / AUD / GBP

This article talks in detail about CloverDex


This link will take you to the CloverDex website


We wrap the video up discussing some success UTRUST has had, read up about it in this medium post


And finally, we take a look at a teaser video from Antum. In this video we get a sneak peak of DigiZipper


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