Penjual BCC Diskonan. Solo MVP (with slaves) cause my friend alrd strong enough solo Spashire :(

Ask anything, if i can i will answer!
Baca caption sampai abis Open discussion for anything
PROMO 598+bonus BCC= 1,28Juta Rupiah PROMO 598+bonus BCC= 1,28Juta Rupiah
PM me and open ur equipment, and i will suggest your equipment depending on your budget.
ayo guys yang kurang-kurang 1 hit, saya bantu suggest equip biar 1 hit , job apapun 🙂 ditunggu

Donate for New Instant PC so i can play both SEA and GLOBAL:
Smurf account BCA: 5270176528 feraldo vadriansyah BCA

i love games, so i live in games,
live from games, therefore i dont spend a lot on games
Karena saya cari uang di game, maka saya spend sedikit buat game

Beli bcc pm dan komen di post manapun biar dibaca
atau whatsapp 081298272409
Selling BCC: 1$ = 13,5 ribu rupiah
contoh paket
50$=675ribu =298 bcc+75 bcc bonus (bisa first buy 298+298)
99.99$= 1,3juta rupiah =598 bcc +150 bcc bonus (bisa first buy jd 598+598)

PROMO TODAY: 100$ BCC 1,28 Juta Rp

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