Should You Buy FPGAs And GPU Mining Rigs? Earn From Crypto Blogging Platforms?

FPGAs or field programmable gate arrays were used for crypto mining back in 2011, 2012, and 2013 before ASICs were created to preform the same task. FPGAs are utilized as a test bed for Integrated Circuit design and have recently made a comeback in the crypto mining scene. A lot of people have asked if they are worth buying at this point. I would say no because you have too much invested in hardware that doesn’t have a ton of demand outside of Integrated Circuit design. You are reliant on developers releasing bitstreams for whatever algorithm you are hashing and especially in tough times like now they are going to hog the best and dominate so unless you can design the bitstreams yourself then you have to wait for them to let you have it.

With GPU mining some of the miners are closed source but the great thing is the fee is low and the GPUs can be used for more than just crypto mining or integrated circuit design.

Also people ask me if Steem and other blogging platforms such as WhaleShares or WEKU are a better option to earn more crypto. I basically break down some of the issues with the platforms.

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