CryptoCurrency Arbitrage (Arbitrage Machine is a Scam)

CryptoCurrency Arbitrage (Arbitrage Machine is a Scam)

If you want to setup the Arbitrage Machine, and you understand the risks involved:

After getting a lot of messages, reading comments, and further researching previous scams, I’m all but convinced this is a scam. I’ve removed the referral links and I don’t recommend further investment. Here’s a few links to review, I’ll do a video when I can:

I think the guys behind may also be behind the Arbitrage Machine, or they’re using the same programmer to setup the Arbitrage Machine.

There’s a slim chance these guys are legitimate, and they make it look plausible with a script that posts arbitrage opportunities to a telegram channel here:

However, until I see a match up of these opportunities with actual limit orders placed on the exchanges referenced, I will continue to warn users away.

It’s entirely possible they registered their website anonymously, submitted false registration papers to the UK, just like, use (at a cost of .5%) to anonymize their wallets, and telegram to encrypt their communications.

They can simply pull the plug at any moment and walk away with everyone’s crypto. I warned this was a strong possibility, but now I think it’s very likely to happen anytime in the next 12 months. Those of you that invested as I did – Get your seed out ASAP.

Update: I’ve found their registration in the UK here:

The listed address, a barbers shop:

Apparently the address was removed on January 3rd after the Barber shop claimed it was used without their consent. The document is added to the last page of the pdf you can find on the companies house website. This may be the address of the person listed, a Julius Gilmore, whom supposedly lives here:

10 linzee rd, hornsey london, united kingdom, N8 7RE

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